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About Us

Since 1979 People Choose First Interview

First Interview is the largest network of sales and marketing recruiters in the world. Started in 1979 by Bob Mikesell (a former sales manager with Consumer and Medical background) with the intent of being the first single source placement solution in sales and marketing for national and multinational companies. In our first year, we connected 20 U.S. affiliates by a network of phones, mail and 300-baud Whisper printers.

Today, our network consists of over 1000 member recruiters linked together via the Internet and secure intranet technologies. First Interview members will collectively fill over 15,000 jobs this year around the world, with base salaries exceeding $500 Million.

Our exclusive focus is high end talent with progressive experience and a track record of success. We are specialists in most markets including IT, Telecom, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Healthcare, Consumer, Business to Business, and Industrial. Dedicated to placing top sales, sales management and marketing candidates with Fortune 1000 clients.

At First Interview, we understand from firsthand experience the exacting staffing requirements unique to large organizations. Our executive team includes both senior recruiting partners and veteran sales/marketing managers, and the median tenure of our members is now greater than 14 years.

We are not an all purpose network. While others generalize, we continue to refine our market specialties and build our long term relationships with major corporations around the world.

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